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Entry #2

Informations about the movie!

2013-06-15 16:02:10 by TwistedMation

Hey guys and not gurls.
I'm gonna give you some new Informations about my upcoming animated movie.

#1 It will be splitted in 5 Chapter.
I'm gonna upload every chapter if its finished.
Every chapter/part goes for over 6 minutes at least.

#2 I'm gonna start working on it next month (Animating etc..) the storyboard and script etc... i will make them until next month so i can start animating then.

#3 specials (like a speed-animating video), extra or deleted scenes etc... will be uploaded on my youtube channel only.
so make sure if it's released to check out my youtub channel:

#4 It's gonna take a long while until i get it finished, so that's the reason why i'm splitting it in chapters so you don't need to wait for too long. But be sure, it will have cliffhangers at the end of every chapter.

#5 make sure to be a fan of my page and/or a subscriber on my youtube channel so you don't miss every chapter, or every information what i'm gonna give about the animation.

#6 On my Youtube channel i will upload some videos to tell you how far i am, and when i probably should be finished with a chapter. So really: make sure to subscribe if you're interested.

#7 I already found some Animators who are gonna animate it with me, they got their own parts in each chapter, every chapter there will be everytime a new animator. so make sure, to check them out too if they got credits!

#8 New animation is planned, it will be a parody, and i got some tips on how to make it look better, so you should probably if youre interested: check it out too. yea. thats what i wanted to say lol.

#9 I'm gonna work on some pictures, they will be only released on So check then out too, they will be pictures about the upcoming movie (and for every chapter i'm gonna release a new picture!) so if you see a new picture called: "???" Chapter 1 (??? stands for the title what it will be named. Don't worry, after i released the teaser trailer, the pictures will be called like how the movie will be called) this will be a picture of the new chapter. so be sure to look at them.

#10 last but not least: I'm gonna make some challenges on youtube. So if you're interested (they will only start after i finished the movie) then check it out. Sometime you can even win something if you're place 1 on my challenge list!

That's all, folks.
I hope you had a great day, see you until next month when i release (maybe) the teaser trailer.
Stay tuned, be fresh and cool and whatever needs to be said.

In love

your TwistedMation LOL!!!!


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2013-07-11 06:40:32

Great! Well, 6 minutes take at least 2 months if you already have scripts, sprites (if it will be with sprites), backgrounds etc. And, erm, what will be your movies about? lol.
Good luck!

TwistedMation responds:

I can't really tell you much about it right now, but its gonna a be a full parody of pretty much every famous game. But its not a 100% parody, there is still some own Ideas and a worked out story between my Character and the characters of famous games :)


2013-07-17 14:50:32

Great! I can't wait for it! I think will be ALOT hard to make of EVERY FAMOUS game but, well, if you want it like this, so be like this ;)